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About the Kurio Touch handheld!

The brand-new Kurio Touch 4S with Android™ 4.2 gives kids a powerful Android™ handheld designed just for them. Pocket-sized and portable, kids can record videos, take photos, listen to their favorite music, message their friends, play the apps and games they love, and safely surf the web. 

The handheld is ready to go right out of the box packed with full of preloaded, top-tier kids' content, including Angry Birds Space™ and apps from dozens more premier publishers. There also videos, coloring apps, games and so much more! Over 30 preloaded apps in all!

The handheld also includes premium Disney™ content featuring your favorite Disney™ characters. Kids will love preloaded apps from Cars 2™, Disney Princess™, Avengers' Origins: Assemble™, and more!

Even better, with access to the Kurio Store and other popular Android App Stores, you can download hundreds of thousands more hit apps no matter your interests, and the handheld is Netflix™, Youtube™, & Skype™ compatible!

It's the pocket-sized device just for you! Personalize it and make it yours by uploading your picture for your profile, choose your favorite themes & backgrounds, and take it with you anywhere.

This product is a real Android handheld featuring a high-resolution, ultra-responsive 3.97'' capacitive touchscreen with high-definition gaming and movie-viewing capabilities, built-in Wi-Fi, HD video player, music player, e-reader, two built-in cameras, 8GB of internal memory (extendable up to 40GB), integrated microphone, and a fast, Multi-Core processor.

This cutting-edge handheld combines the advanced features you expect with unique tools that allow parents complete, customizable controls to set up profiles perfectly suited for your child.

The unique, easy-to-use Parental Area is password protected and allows parents to set up independent profiles for up to 4 users – it's like having 4 handhelds in 1 Kurio! The profiles tie into advanced web content filtering and Internet security levels so kids can safely surf the web without seeing inappropriate content or websites. Parents can even set time limits by profile and manage which apps each user can access as well as set different controls for each user, expanding access as the child gets older.

Kurio's proprietary software integrates advanced web filtering with auto-updates covering more than 450 million websites in 170 different languages as well as Internet access settings tailored to each child. Use block lists to block specific websites and inappropriate terms, while safe lists allow access to approved sites.

Kurio is truly the first full-featured Android 4.2 handheld designed for kids. In addition to the filtered user profiles with best-in-class, powerful parental controls, adults can also switch to the sleek Android System through the password-protected Parental Area.

Maybe best of all, it has a long battery life, making it GREAT for long trips!

That's why everyone from toddlers to teens to their parents love this handheld!

In addition, each handheld comes with a set of specially designed kid-sized earbuds to comfortably fit children's ears.

Fun for any age, Kurio will be a part of your family for years to come. It's the ultimate handheld loved by kids, trusted by parents!™

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